Synchronous platform and ecosystem

An expanded and complete ecosystem will make up the value of Natiol

A coin has value only when it is continuously applied and circulated in a revolving and iterative ecosystem, so the Natiol Ecosystem is designed to expand and fulfill its purpose of creating value. value for the Tokens. Constantly researching and adding to the application product collection for the purpose of bringing experience to users.

Staking Crypto
Decentralized wallet
Exchange Crypto


Gamefi is the first ecosystem developed and operated by Natiol. The biggest difference of Gamefi from traditional games is that by applying blockchain technology to the game, players can earn money (coins, tokens) through in-game quest rewards or get rated well.


Staking is not a new concept, but it is the most adopted platform on all the largest Crypto exchanges in the world today. This platform makes it easier to control, unlock and Monetize, consumes less energy and is more convenient for users.
With this platform, Natiol expects to have a worldwide staking network, with the goal of universalizing Blockchain to all over the world and the value of NAI Token is increasing gradually.


The e-commerce exchange is being designed by Natiol Infinity and is set to launch in the third quarter of 2022. This is the Shop To Earn model that Natiol initiated, claiming to create a new trend of financial markets as well as a new Crypto model.


Natiol's decentralized wallet will be operational in Q1 of 2023, this is a brand product that integrates many convenient features for Crypto owners such as Dapp, Swap, lookup and crypto integration. The wallet is suitable for users and project organizations.


Natiol builds a Crypto exchange platform that allows most of the eligible Crypto projects to be listed on its platform and focuses on security, balance, fast processing speed, ease of use for users . feces. In particular, NAI Token is the value that represents the platform, NAI holders are officially shareholders of the exchange and receive quarterly profits if they are eligible to hold long enough.

Decentralized Crypto Trading Platform

Our platform will eliminate the difficult process of accessing Crypto for you and everyone.

With the goal of making Blockchain available to everyone, Natiol in the most effective way is to make complex concepts simple, simplifying Crypto ownership for everyone, even if it is free.

Mobile Application

Decentralized wallet, Crypto Staking, news and more in your account will be used on mobile phone applications to reach users in the best, fastest and most efficient way.

Brings More Transparency And Speed

The Natiol ecosystem is synchronous and transparent in its operation, which is the goal of bringing transparency and fast processing speed, simplifying your monetization.

Special For Multiple Use Capabilities

All ecosystem of Natiol Infinity you only need 1 account and log in all. In particular, the next services of Natiol all have great incentives for previous users. Entire can earn money and manage it to increase income.
IEO Distribution

Our IEO Distribution

Funds Allocation

Token Distribution

Our Token Roadmap


The development roadmap is a transparent process that shows the seriousness and hard work of the development team

September 2022
  • Continue to develop and perfect the ecosystem of Natiol Infinity.
  • IEO implementation on XT.COM exchange
  • Listing NAI Token on XT.COM
  • Survey and select major exchanges and conduct listing.
Live Now
December 2022
  • Expanding business system throughout Asia and the world
  • Perfecting the leadership apparatus, building appropriate company mechanisms and partners.
  • Operate entertainment 3 game
  • Plan to operate Decentralized Wallet.
  • Building mechanisms for exchanges (Natiol Exchange)
  • Decentralized wallet operation test
  • Scaling up the Staking ecosystem
  • Testing the operation of the exchange
  • Announcement of important plans and strategies to expand and perfect the Staking ecosystem
  • Officially operating the Wallet, Exchange ecosystems
  • Upgrading the Natiol e-commerce platform……
Year 2021
  • Explore the market, brainstorm ideas, start designing and building games.
  • Connect with advisors and prepare for formal plans.
  • Complete the first game coding.
  • Applying blockchain technology to the game.
  • Building a user ecosystem - Community Ecosystem (Allocate 1,000,000,000 Nai tokens to the first 3,200 users. This token will be withdrawn after 12 months from the date of donation)
  • Run the first game
  • Improve the game
  • Improved UI/UX, animation...
  • Build the 2nd game
  • Pre-Sale (5/5/2022)
  • Tokens earned in the game are withdrawn to the NAI wallet
  • Announcement of the process of burning NAI tokens used in the game ecosystem
  • Operate the 2nd game mining and build the 3 game
  • Open for sale Public Round (Public sale).
  • Listing NAI tokens on international exchanges
  • Open the NAI token Stake program....
  • Build Wallet....
August 2022
  • Finalize landing ver 2.0
  • Finalize the Natiol Project Overview Official Presentation.
  • Operate Crypto Staking Program
  • Update features Game 2
  • IEO implementation on XT.COM exchange
  • Operating the Natiol E-C ecosystem (E-commerce platform)